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Percussive Deep Tissue Massage Gun with Mini USB

Percussive Deep Tissue Massage Gun with Mini USB

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  • High-frequency vibration
  • Deep massage to really get the stiffness out
  • Choose between a variety of heads to find the perfect fit for your soreness
  • Candy-like colors for a good mood
  • The compact body has great power
  • Save space, easy to carry
  • Easy charge with USB-C type input
  • Perfect after long flights or train rides - use before bed to wake up feeling like you've been to a spa

Technical Specs:

Color: Pink, sky blue
Power supply mode: Charging/power supply
Applicable parts: Neck, Achilles tendon, acupuncture points, meridian joints, palms and soles, hands, back, large and small legs, etc.
Massage technique: Impact type
Massage contact: U-shaped head, cylindrical head, spherical head, flat head
Gear position: 3 gear adjustment
Body material: ABS
Rated frequency: 3300 rpm
Rated power: 30W
Start: Button
Rated voltage: 7.4V
Function: Massage

Package Content:
Fascia gun*1
Massage head*4
Manual *1
Charging cable*1


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